Healing through Grief, Loss and Death

This recording guides the listener through layers of grief into a new flowering of the heart.

Healing heart music by Malcolm Harrison enriches this journey of change.
Ideal for those who have lost someone through separation or death, or for those who have suffered trauma, been abused or emotionally wounded
This exquisitively sensitive recording brings real hope and beauty into those tender parts of our lives where we are grieving. Using poetic images, soothing anecdotes and sage advice Dr Farmer joins us in our suffering and walks us out of the shadows into the light of peace, meaning and joy.
He reminds us that our emotions are doors to the unknown - they lead to the unexplored rooms in the mansion of the heart.


"Each wave of feeling is followed by another. And still they come, until we ride the wave to the shore......"

"Forgiving ourselves, being forgiven, forgiving others - these lift the chains of the past imprisoning our hearts and minds...."

"Visiting Nature, whether a stroll in the park or an hour in the garden, we are soothed, comforted in a mysterious age-old way. Perhaps at a deep unconscious level we are reminded of the One-ness and Unity of all life...."

"When it rains, it nurtures the growth of the new. So too with tears. That which is delicate, tender, joyful and caring - these begin to emerge when we allow our tears to flow down...."

1. Our Grieving Is A Journey 6.17
2. Charting A New Course For Our Thoughts 1.53
3. The Search For Healing (Guided Imagery) 7.53
4. A Great Light Is Hidden Somewhere In The Dark 4.25
5. The Healing Power Of Loving Kindness (Guided Meditation) 4.53
6. "I Am The Sun, Grief Is A Cloud" (Healing Affirmation) 1.49
7. The Importance Of Forgiving Oneself 3.35
8. Untying The Wings Of The Heart 5.23
9. Sharing The Pain With Others Will Help Us To Heal 6.55
10. We Can Be Cleansed Of The Pain Of The Past 3.24
11. Let Your Tears Give Birth To You (Guided Release) 1.59
12. Using Fire As A Symbol For Healing And Change 4.08
13. The Healing Power Of Light (Guided Meditation) 7.40
14. Sweet Water From The Well Of Sorrow (A Poem) 6.19

Healing through Grief, Loss and Death

Healing through Grief, Loss and Death

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