With insomnia we can be really tired but lie awake for hours. Or we might wake up in the middle of the night unable to sleep again.

The first half of the CD deals with overcoming the different types of life-stress which can lead to insomnia or sleeping difficulties.
The second half guides the listener into the sleep state. Introducing his unique muscle relaxation technique, Dr Farmer's calming voice guides the listener into a deep, restful, letting-go of muscle tension.
Dr. Farmer helps you explore and then resolve some major life stress factors that can feed insomnia. To guide you into sleep he uses a progressive relaxation method where the word 'sleep' becomes an auto-hypnotic cue-word for letting go into deep sleep.


"Most of the leading medical authorities say that sleep medications provide only occasional relief, and often make the problem worse....".

"The more you relax in everyday situations, the easier it will be to relax in readiness for sleep at night....." "First of all I want you to tense your whole let go......keep letting go......".

"Don't try to sleep, just say the word 'sleep' every time you breathe out....."

"Imagine you can feel the tension leaving your right arm, each time you breathe out and say 'sleep'..........there's no hurry........don't try to sleep.......just listen to my voice....."

1. How To Come Off Sleep Medication
2. Less Stress, Better
3. The Relaxing Power Of Positive Thinking
4. Mind Control Is The Key
5. Replacing Dark Images With Light (Guided Imagery)
6. Slowing Down For Sleep
7. Five Guidelines For Sleep Preparation
8. Guided Sleep Instructions: Beginning
9. Guided Sleep Instructions: The Feeling Of Letting-Go
10. Guided Sleep Instructions: The Whole Body Relaxes
11. Guided Sleep Instructions: Becoming Less Aware
12. Guided Sleep Instructions: Eyes Are Heavy
13. Guided Sleep Instructions: Gown Down Into Sleep
14. Guided Sleep Instructions: Deeper And Deeper Sleep




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