Muscle Relaxation

Dr. Farmer's calming voice guides the listener into a deep restful letting-go of muscle tension.

Learning to relax the muscles of the body allows us to feel at ease in a wide range of challenging situations.
Dr Farmer first develops the word 'relax' as a trigger for the letting go of muscle tension.
He then deepens your level of relaxation using guided imagination and auto-suggestion, so that 'relax' can be used effectively in any real-life situation.


ďA number of people tense their muscles when they are anxious, or when they are busy or hyperactive, or even when they are uncertain, or expectant, or angry...."

"Keep saying 'relax' to yourself each time you breathe out. Concentrate on the feeling of tension still leaving your right hand..."

"Now, even though you may not be aware of any more tension leaving your hand, I want you to imagine that tension is still leaving, each time you breathe out and say 'relax'.."

"I want you to imagine that you are journeying to your very own Quiet Place. This sacred haven is known only to you. It is where you find absolute peace, perfect contentment...."

1. The Value Of Muscle Relaxation 3.20
2. Preparation For Relaxation 0.585
3. Deep Letting-go Of Muscle Tension (Guided Relaxation) 28.42
4. Deep Letting-go Of Muscle Tension (Guided Relaxation) 23.26
5. The Relaxing Power Of Suggestion (Guided Relaxation) 3.39
6. The Relaxing Power Of Auto-suggestion (Guided Relaxation) 2.26
7. The Relaxing Power Of Imagery (Guided Relaxation) 5.19


Muscle Relaxation

Muscle Relaxation

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