Weight Control - For Beauty and the Ideal Form

This recording is for those who have tried dieting and weight reduction classes without success.

The approach uses a unique blend of self-help programming and transformation of negative attitudes.
If you weigh too much and give in to a 'false' appetite, there could be unrecognised emotions dictating your behaviour.
To develop beauty and the ideal form, Dr. Farmer teaches you how to use positive affirmations, forgivness exercises and ideal imaging.
Seven powerful guidelines for self-control are then fixed into the sub-conscious mind through guided imagination and auto-suggestion.


"When our fat is serving as a protective armour or shield against uncomfortable changes, there is little that dieting or prolonged fasting can do............"

"What the false appetite really cries out for is the happiness, peace, confidence and love that is rightfully ours. Food can muffle that cry only momentarily........".

"I'm going to give you some more positive sayings to consider. Here is the first one: "I am ready to forgive myself for being overweight and for everything else"........."

1. Our Weight And Inner Beauty 4.05
2. Psychological Factors 2.23
3. Slow But Steady Weight-reduction 1.42
4. Total Self-acceptance 1.53
5. 'False' Appetite Is Never Satisfied 2.38
6. Positive Re-writing Negative Thinking 4.53
7. Positive Affirmations (Guided Repetition) 2.20
8. Neutralising Self-defeating Thinking 1.43
9. Selecting Your Positive Sayings 5.14
10. Changing Into Your 'Ideal Self' (Guided Imagery) 10.15

1. Trigger Points For The 'False' Appetite 2.56
2. Changing The Daily Routine (Guided Imagery) 6.46
3. The Art Of Eating (Guided Imagery) 9.35
4. Exercise Of The Will (Guided Imagery) 10.21
5. Climbing The Mountain, One Step At A Time 7.45


Weight Control - For Beauty and the Ideal Form

Weight Control - For Beauty and the Ideal Form

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