Overcoming Depression

At the heart of this approach is the principle of light and dark being opposites; that light always banishes the dark.

The use of guided imagery plays a significant role while listening to this recording. Methods of letting go of negative attitudes are presented, interspersed with beautiful, uplifting music.
Depression can be the most crippling of life's challenges, making everything seem grey and pointless, sapping our will to live and darkening all of our thoughts.
Dr Farmer combines age-old wisdom with images from Nature and modern techniques to guide the listener out of the darkness of despair into the 'light' of a new way of thinking and living.


" There is a saying: 'Everything is either good or leading towards the good'. In this way depression can be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow……"

"If your body has slowed down and is reluctant to do what it used to do, it might be time to change direction in some way……"

" We can let ourselves believe that the 'sun' of our inner world is still shining even when the clouds of fear, pain, sadness and depression prevent us from feeling its warmth….."

" The rough diamond is chipped by an expert, again and again, until it shines in exquisite brilliance. We too are in expert hands - the hands of fate, God or karma,…."

1. Depression: A Signpost For Change   4.32
2. ‘What In My Life Is Due For A Change?’ (Reflection)   2.34
3. Every Shadow Is Pointing To The Light   3.26
4. Finding The Light Within The Dark (Guided Imagery)   4.38
5. Casting Aside The False Concept Of Blam  e 2.56
6. Not Forgiving Closes Our ‘Heart’   1.44
7. Daring To Live Our Very Own Truth   3.14
8. Healing Wounds Of Pain And Resentment   1.09
9. Filling Significant Others With Light (Guided Imagery)   7.00
10. Selflessly Helping Others   1.12
11. Retraining The Mind Towards Faith   3.13
12. Using Time Projection (Guided Imagery)   5.58
13. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Guided Imagery)   3,54
14. Sweetness Comes From Crushed Sugarcane   2.46
15. Passing The Test (A Story)   5.24

Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Depression

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