Transmuting Anger

This recording inspires the listener to follow the example of the alchemists of old whose avowed aim was to transmute base metal into gold.

The challenge here is to set in motion an inner transformation whereby agitation is replaced with understanding, hetred with love and pain with sweet surrender.
Practical steps are described which dampen the blaze of anger so the mind can see clearly again.
Dr. Farmer guides us into a series of meditations and reflections designed to re-establish our inborn equanimity, acceptance and forbearance.


" It is the mind which chooses anger before love, blaming the world for the heart's unrest. And it's the mind which opens the door again.... "

" Our enemies are not outside ourselves; they are all inside . "

"To banish anger we must see that everyone is playing their role perfectly, each person showing us what's in our own mind and heart.... ."

"We can resist our anger, but we cannot destroy it by force ............. we bring in the light of love and anger leaves without struggle at all ."

1. Transmuting Anger   1.17
2. The Story of Melanie   6.31
3. The Mind Can Open The Door Of The Hear  t 2.46
4. Good Reasons For Putting Anger Aside   3.15
5. How To Guard Against Anger Invading Our Mind   5.15
6. Training The Mind To Resist Angry Thoughts   0.59
7. Affirmations Of Calmness (Guided Repetition)   4.22
8. Eight Ways To Smother The Fire Of Anger   5.36
9. The 'Blind Man Can't See' Analogy   5.05
10.The 'Elephant And The Barking Dogs' Anology   1.57
11. The Power Of Forgiveness For Transmuting Anger   6.55
12. The Practice Of Forgiveness (Guided Repetition  ) 5.53
13. Choosing Between Anger Or Feeling The Pain   3.58
14. The Light Of Recipients For Your Loving-kindnesst   2.13
15. Begin With Love For Oneself   2.22
16. The List Of Recipients For Your Loving-kindness   1.44
17. Sending Loving-kindness To Others (Guided Repetition)   2.22
18. Transmuting Anger Into Tolerance And Gratitude   4.22
19. Affirmations Of Gratitude (Guided Repetition)   1.40
20. May The World Discover Peace Through You   0.51

Transmuting Anger

Transmuting Anger

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