Simple Meditation

Meditation helps with recovery from illness, pain relief, stress reduction, improving concentration and establishing emotional balance and harmony.

This recording guides the listener into age-old techniques for developing mastery over the mind. Beautiful music by harpist Marshall McGuire surrounds each meditation sequence.
When we dive deep under the waves in the ocean we discover a haven of peace and quiet. In the same way, under our waves of thoughts, feelings and activities there lies an eternal stillness.
Dr Farmer guides the listener into that deeper part of ourselves, following a few simple techniques for letting go of what lies on the surface of the mind.
He demonstrates that, no matter how disturbing the storms which rage into our lives, when we learn to dive deep we can find inner peace.


"The word 'meditation' means 'non-thinking' or 'no-mind'. The old Chinese called it, 'sitting in forgetfulness'...".

"It is often said that meditation is like holding a bird: first the fingers enclose the bird so it can't escape. After a while the fingers are relaxed, just enough so the bird can feel free, yet remain, quite safe and secure.
In the same way, in simple meditation, we first learn to capture our thinking, holding on to one thought only. Having developed this skill, we can relax the mind into contemplation.."

"...Observe the breath going in and going out... Put your attention at the nostrils, observing the breath...As thoughts come, let them go like leaves in the wind, and return your attention to the nostrils.."

Track Titles
1. Preparing To Meditate 6.18
2. Counting The Breath (Guided Meditation) 10.01
3. Open-eye Meditation On An External Object 2.33
4. Repetition Of 'True Words' 4.12
5. Selection Of 'True' Words' 2.42
6. Repeating Our Chosen 'True Words' (Guided Meditation) 10.26
7. The Light In The Cave (Guided Meditation) 2.21
8. We Are The Witness 3.11
9. Who Am I? (Guided Meditation) 14.41
10. The Flame Meditation (Guided Meditation) 14.13
11. The Ocean Of Light (Guided Meditation) 3.13
12. Merging Into Nothingness (Guided Meditation) 1.38
13. We Are Everywhere And Nowhere (Guided Meditation) 0.57
14. The Mountain Of Peace (Poem) 2.55

Simple Meditation

Simple Meditation

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