How To Be Happy Again

Dr. Farmer believes that, deep within our being, we are always happy, ever content, to a degree beyond imagination and measure.

When depression, sadness, self-doubt and resentment come they are like clouds covering our sun. That is, our innate joy remains ever-present, undiminished, even when hidden from us during times of deep unhappiness.
We can reconnect with our own pure, lasting, unsullied happiness by changing the way we think and behave, and by recognising that 'What we are looking for is what is looking' – the treasure house lies waiting within; it's who we really are.
Extracts from the CD
"Our unhappiness is a product of a yearning – a yearning to draw closer to our true Self...."
"There is only the Oneness, the universal "I" and the all-inclusive "We". To take it a step further: I am in you and you are in me. For this reason, when I brighten the day of another, the light of their happiness shines also in me...."
"Happiness beyond comprehension lies waiting within us, even when all seems lost...."
"We must fill up the garden of our mind with flowers, leaving no room for weeds to grow. That is, We must fill the mind with positive, true, loving and peaceful thoughts. Then the seeds of our happiness will surely grow...."
Indications for Use
You'll be wanting to listen to this CD if:

  • You are often filled with a deadening melancholy; or
  • You hold on to resentment towards others, wanting them to be different; or
  • You have trouble letting go of negative thoughts; or
  • Everything seems grey and pointless; or
  • You really yearn to be happy again.

Track Titles
1. Our True Nature Is Joy
2. Looking Inside For Happiness
3. Seeking And Finding The Spring Of Joy
4. Avoiding All Pleasant Untruth
5. Act On Good Thoughts Straight Away
6. Joy In Giving Selflessly
7. The Stars Shine Brightest On The Darkest Night
8. Black Represents Pure Hunger For Colour
9. To See A World Of Beauty And Harmony
10. Gratitude Always Leads To The Spring Of Joy
11. Don't Let The Pig Into The House
12. Transmuting Negative Thoughts Into Positive
13. Always Make Up Good Stories
14. Striding Towards Happiness
15. I Am The Sun

How To Be Happy Again

How To Be Happy Again

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