The Blossoming of the Heart

With a skilful blend of wisdom sayings, heart-opening music and guided meditations Dr. Farmer guides the listener towards a truly open heart, ushering in compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and the joy in being the love that we are.

The intelligence of the heart, sometimes known as intuition or the Soul’s Compass, comes to the fore as the heart opens in pure, selfless loving.


“Plunge into the ocean of your heart, and there you will find the universe....”

"All of us spend our lives looking for a happiness that is much more than a brief ripple on the surface of an endless sea - we want to be the sea, all of it ..... "

"And to just a few it is known as love - pure, all-enveloping, unconditional love - love that sees all, knows all, feels all, embraces all ..... "

"Feeling loved and caring for others actually plays a greater role in healthy living than most other factors we know of ..... "

"We must love because we are love; and not just one drop of love, but a vast, limitless sea of love, waiting to express itself like a new-born star ..... "

"Keep returning your attention to the breath (Pause). Breathing into the heart centre, repeating your own heart prayer. .... "

"We are growing sweet flowers in the garden of the heart - planting seeds, pulling out weeds; breathing in this, letting go that. In this way we are nurturing our heart so it can guide us on our pathway through life ....."

"Allowing the wisdom of the heart to offer guidance on how to live your life. Keep doing this for a while ..... "

"Namaste. I honour the love that you are."
Track Titles
1. The Sacred Treasure of Love  3.43
2. The Wisdom of the Heart  2.49
3. The Healing Power of Love  2.56
4. Where is Love to be Found?  2.50
5. Developing Your Own Heart Prayer  8.36
6. Defusing a Negative Feeling  5.57
7. Light Up the Heart Banish the Dark  4.10
8. Becoming a Shining Lighthouse  4.23
9. Purifying the Mind  4.18
10. Love Grows With Each Loving Action  4.16
11. Compassion Will Soften the Heart  5.45
12. The Loving Kindness Meditation  5.52
13. It Takes Courage to Open the Heart  4.11
14. If I Could Love  4.31


The Blossoming of the Heart

The Blossoming of the Heart

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