Self Esteem

This recording will be of great benefit to those people who lack confidence, or feel downtrodden, unloved or failed in some way.

The CDs shine a beacon of light so that the listener can find the way out of the dark world of inferiority and defeat.
Mistakes are seen as stepping-stones to success; separateness becomes uniqueness; negative thinking is transmuted into positive thoughts; and spontaneous growth is initiated..
The weakening habit of doubting oneself can take many forms. There might be a constant feeling that somehow we have failed, even in the middle of success. And we can feel unloved and useless, even when admired and cared for. Dr Farmer reminds us that every weakness holds within it a very great strength; and every self-doubt is but a reminder of our innate magnificence.


"The old Chinese called them 'True Words'. In the West, they are being called 'affirmations'..."

" When you choose to affirm who you really are, it is like waves of wisdom pounding away at a massive rock of self-doubt. Be patient and persevere and one day you will be these new words, and the old will never return..."

"Why fear a mistake, when all that we have learned is built on errors we have made?..."

"We have two types of vision: the outer and the inner. With the outer we see how different we are; with the inner we find the mystery gold which is common to us all...."

1. Within Every Weakness There Lies A Great Stength 4.09
2. Why Do We Doubt Ourselves? (A Story) 2.43
3. The Mind Is The Key 5.37
4. Far Better To Think Empowering Thoughts 2.30
5. Reclaiming Our True Self Esteem (Guided Affirmation) 7.25
6. Banish All Thoughts Which Compare (A Story) 5.15
7. A Perfect Being Already Exists Within 6.18

1. Implanting Affirmations More Deeply In The Mind 3.22
2. Dare To Be True To Ourselves 4.20
3. Everything Is Either Good Or Leading Towards The Good 6.05
4. Seek To Love, Rather Than To Be Loved 6.00
5. Listening To The Inner Voice 3.38
6. Supreme Self-confidence 1.47
7. Unshakable Peace And Contentment (Guided Imagery) 12.10


Self Esteem

Self Esteem

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