Mastering Fear

Designed for both everyday anxieties and the most debilitating panic attacks, this recording awakens the listener to discover the inner majesty, peace

The hauntingly beautiful music of Philip Benjamin (on piano) and Paul Jones (flute) blend with the reassuring voice of Ron Farmer, to present a truly poetic vehicle for the mastery of fear.
Many people suffer crippling fear even though there is no real danger. The fear can be of people, places, events or perhaps nearly everything seems threatening. There might be terrifying thoughts, panic attacks and a constant feeling of dread. Having personally experienced the valley of fear Dr Farmer is able to guide the listener with compassion and authority into strength and peace.


" Since peace and wisdom already lie within, we can return to this state if we imagine an ideal place and a wise person who lives there in total serenity. We are both the place and the person…."

" So now if you are ready I will guide you into feeling grounded, and then you can imagine being in a fear situation, feeling safe and secure…."

" Every negative thought can be turned to advantage. Use it to create its opposite, one which will help you feel confident, peaceful and strong.…"

" When fear comes, it could be telling us that we are ready to step through a door into a vast unknown, a new way of looking at the world, a world in which we feel connected instead of separate…."

1. Fear Is The Door To The Unknown   5.40
2. Relax The Fear Away (Guided Relaxation)   11.00
3. Journey To The Quiet Place (Guided Imagery)   11.35
4. Using Every Negative Thought To Create Its Opposite   3.06
5. The Perfect Rhythm Of Nature   1.45
6. I Have All The Time I Need (Guided Meditation)   4.40
7. Dissolving The Fear From Inner Conflict   1.58
8. Forgiveness Dissolves Fear   2.05
9. Growing Into Who We Are Really Meant To Be   2.37 /br> 10. Transforming The Fear Of Losing Control   1.30
11. When All Is One, There Is No Fear (Guided Meditation On Light)   10.00
12. Our Shadow (Of Fear) Is Simply An Absence Of Light (of Love)   4.23
13. Repeating 'I Breathe In Love' Leaves No Room For Fear Guided Imagery)   8.05

Mastering Fear

Mastering Fear

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