Downloading and Playing Your MP3 Files

After completing payment via Paypal, you will be transferred back to your account at our website.
You will see a list of your purchases, and alongside each, a link to your downloads and the number of available downloads left.

You can log back in at our website to download or re-download at any time.

The downloads are "ZIP" files.
Zip files are compressed files that your browser will immediately recognise and start to download.
The files will download to the folder nominated for downloads in your browser preferences.

The download may take a while, depending on your internet connection speed.

After download, navigate to your downloads folder.
To decompress or "Unzip" your files, simply double click the downloaded "ZIP" file name.
(Recent versions of Windows and OSX have the ability to decompress "Zip" files already built in. If you have difficulty, use WinZip or WinRar for Windows, or Stuffit Expander for Mac. Free versions are available online for download, just perform an online search.)

After decompressing your files, view the decompressed file folder and you will see your MP3 files, as well as provided information in PDF format.
Both Windows and Mac OSX have the ability to play the MP3 files built in. Simply double click the MP3 file name to start playback with your default player.
The MP3 files can be played on your portable music device, simply use the software provided by the manufacturer to import the files to your device.
The track title data will be seen on your device display.

Thank you for purchasing. We hope you find our recordings helpful and enjoyable.